If I read one more upbeat, touchy-feely, caring and sharing piece about the joys of getting older, I’ll scream. Fashion is aimed exclusively at the young, hip and skinny; news has turned into infotainment, reading is so four decades ago. All the ageing crone can look forward to is lemon-lipped lectures on lifestyle and nutrition, along with constant media lamentations on how geezers are the fastest-growing demographic, and a massive drag on the economy. My advice is to pop a cork, or unscrew a microbrew and drink to forget you drink.

I’m guessing the US vice-presidential nominee has never heard of cockney rhyming slang or she might have hesitated before christening her oldest daughter Bristol.

Je suis fatigue

Henri is my new hero. If you ask me, there are not enough existentialist cats in the world. Thanks to Will Braden who posted the following comment about his video:¬†Henri is a haunted kitty. Please feel free to forward this along to anyone you like, Henri loves the attention! if you’d like to see a nice quality version of Henri, it can be found at:http://www.willbraden.com¬†and my blog is here:http://willbraden.wordpress.com/

The first thing that occurred to me when I saw the recent photos of Sarah Palin and her family was that they reminded me of a cross between the Stepford Wives and the female serfs of Bountiful, B.C. More depressing was the vice-presidential candidate’s speech knocking Obama and denigrating his nuanced view of recent American ‘wars’. Mr. Obama didn’t mention victory because there hasn’t been one. Unfortunately for him, intelligent, informed debate is not something his rivals aspire to; in their eyes it smacks of that unforgivable trait, elitism. While I look forward eagerly to seeing a woman in the White House, I sincerely hope it won’t be this one.